"We strive to recreate the more romantic
times ... when making teddy bears was
about tender, loving care"
Our Story
Find out why Grin & Bear has gone from backroom hobby to International success story thanks to the dedication of founder Michael Dankwah. His story will warm your heart and show why his bears were always destined for stardom.

The history of

Grin & Bear

It all began with a yearning to create the ultimate Christmas gift for his best friend, Wendy. Stitch by stitch, Michael meticulously created the most adorable teddy bear - designed and created with love. Such was the reaction that Michael was implored to make another. Then another. Each with the same care and dedication as the last.

Grin & Bear was born and goes from strength to strength with each passing year.

"These cute little animals have gained a global

reputation as adorable symbols of peace,

love and playfulness."


Cut from the

same cloth

Whether a bespoke creation or the continuation of a much-loved character, the approach is the same time and time again - take the finest materials and hand-picked fabrics, stitch by hand and stuff with love.

Michael’s infatuation with stylish prints and brave designs means there’s a bear to suit everyone - young, old and everyone in between.

"Our foundation is built on a desire to continue

the legacy that teddy bears have conjured in the

hearts and minds of everyone."

Meet michael

The man behind

the bears

The first Grin & Bear was created for a friend as a Christmas gift. Five years later, founder Michael Dankwah has turned his passion into a business.

A fashion scholar from St Martin's, Michael's knack of giving the tired old teddy a much-needed makeover has paid dividends - creating thousands of bears for clients all over the world and even being called on to make the Liberty Christmas bear.